You’ve known for a while that things aren’t going well but it’s hard to change. You’ve tried. You know you should start doing more of the things that make you feel better. You know you’d feel better if you stopped doing the things that are making you feel worse or impeding progress. You swear to stop making the same mistakes but you feel stuck with the same old feelings that hold you back. Depression and anxiety and lots of negative self-talk have become uncomfortably familiar. You know you could feel better but you haven’t quite figured out how to get there. Counseling can help.

But you don’t always believe that. You want to feel better but you sometimes question if you’re worthy of a better life. You struggle with feelings of shame and worthlessness from a lifetime of hearing critical voices telling you you’re doing everything wrong. Counseling can help. Let me help you tune in to a wiser, more compassionate voice inside yourself.

It takes effort to make changes in your life, but you don’t have to do it alone. Talking to someone who’s there to support, encourage and gently challenge you can be incredibly helpful in changing the way you think and feel about your past, present and future.

It’s not merely the circumstances of our lives that cause us to have negative feelings. In large part we suffer because of the meaning we attach to life’s ups and downs. Counseling helps change the way you look at yourself and at the world, reducing the negative feelings you experience, regardless of the situation.

Therapy is a safe place to honestly explore the ways in which you want your life to change.

  • What is it that you want to improve in your life?  

  • What obstacles are preventing you from achieving your goals?  

  • How can you, with help, remove these obstacles so that progress can be made?

Most people think about beginning counseling for a long time before actually making an appointment. Don’t waste another day not feeling your best! Depression and anxiety make it difficult to make decisions and to ask for help. Reach out today, while you’re open to looking for someone who can help.