How does it all work?

How much?

Counseling sessions are $180 for 50 minutes weekly. Payment is expected at the time of service and can be paid by check or I can keep a secure credit card on file to charge directly.


What about my insurance?

I don’t currently take insurance but I can provide you with a Superbill, which is the paper you will need if you want to be reimbursed by your insurance company. Please contact your insurance provider directly for questions regarding your coverage and reimbursement qualifications.  


How long will this take?

You and I will discuss your progress often. Ideally, therapy ends when you feel that you’ve achieved your desired goals.  This may take only a few months or it may take a few years, depending on your specific goals, your particular strengths and obstacles and the pace at which you’re willing and able to work to effect change in your life.  


How do I know if you’re the right therapist for me?

Progress in counseling is largely based on forming a trusting relationship with your therapist.  You’ll be talking about issues that can be uncomfortable to talk about and it can feel very vulnerable. Choose this person with care. You want to feel they’re on your side and genuinely have your best interest at heart. I suggest you call a few therapists and get a sense of their style and personality on the phone. Then follow your gut.