Genee Ramsay, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Providing counseling for individuals and couples in the East Bay with offices in Danville and Castro Valley.



You know you could be happier, healthier, better but you never seem to make progress. You feel stressed out and never have time for yourself. You make promises to yourself and break them. You’re questioning whether you even deserve to feel better. You’re constantly reminding yourself of all the ways in which you don’t measure up. Anxiety and depression have become the norm. You’re generally a pretty compassionate and empathetic person, but you never have any compassion for yourself. What if therapy helped you begin to see yourself and the world around you in more positive terms?



Teens today have more anxiety and depression than ever. They are working harder and feeling more stressed but feeling less invested and optimistic about their future. Today’s teens have the extra burden of social media, where they are being constantly evaluated and measured by standards many adults don’t even understand. They are dating less, driving less, even going to the mall or the movies less. In a world where they are constantly “connected,” they are feeling more isolated than ever before. Counseling can provide a model for how to begin to relate to self and others in new ways.



How well we relate to others is a huge indicator of how satisfying our lives are. It seems we all want to improve communication, increase intimacy and reduce conflict. Instead we get stuck in negative patterns and repeat the same arguments over and over. We expect more from our primary relationships than ever before, and we blame each other when our expectations go unmet. Learning to take responsibility for your role in relationship issues is vital for continued growth. When both partners show up for therapy ready to do their piece of the work, relationships improve.

About Me

I am a warm, open and positive person by nature. I was the person everyone came to with with their problems and pain even from an early age. My mother always said this was because I could cut to the heart of a problem, regardless of where others were placing the blame.

It’s up to you to make the changes you want to see in your life. Counseling provides a genuine relationship where you can begin to explore these changes and make improvements. I’m there to listen, reflect, question and gently challenge you to take the next steps. My superpower is being fully present with you and seeing you with a clarity you may not get in other relationships.