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Disconnect to Improve Connection

I wrestle with this topic a lot, both as a parent and a therapist working with individuals and families struggling with relationships. It’s all well and good to know we need to disconnect from our devices in order to connect with the people around us. But can we ourselves model what we’re asking of our children and our partners?

Read the full article  by Steve Henn When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices

Kirsten Dunst and I are perplexed about the state of society.

I totally get the humor here. It’s not lost on me. But this little film made me want to weep. What does this say about where society is headed? The social norms are changing and I feel like a grumpy old lady who fears for the souls of our youth.

On the bright side, it makes me happy to see talented, intelligent people making films like this.


Write Here Write Now

Clearly, both as a therapist and a person, I strongly believe in the power of processing. Sure, sitting down and talking to a supportive confidante is a fantastic tool. But writing is another wonderful instrument to get those obsessive thoughts flying around your head to come to order. Lists, notes, a journal, or facebook posts…. When you need to work something out, get those thoughts written down! And so here I’ll offer up a poem/meditation I wrote about my own struggle with finding the time to sit down and practice what I preach.

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